The Gore Family

Pastors Dan and Beth
and Family

The Kingdom of God is not
a matter of talk but of power.
(I Corinthans 4:20)  

Each member of the body can
be equipped to be the hands
and feet of Jesus to the world.

“Greater things will you do.”
(John 14:12)
    Destiny’s House Church would like to invite you to
    come  and worship with us.  We are a Spirit-led,
    non denominational church in Brandon, Florida.  

    Call Pastor Dan at 813.477.6109
    Children’s Church is available with notice

    Call for location and directions
    Brandon, Florida

How are we unique?  
    Destiny’s House Church believes in the power of a
    "lab" type Church service.  Why? To encourage
    people to be free to grow, take chances and try
    new things in a supportive environment in order to
    become Spirit Led and less “flesh” led.  In today’s
    culture, people need to be able to contribute in a
    meaningful way, and not just be a spectator during
    the service.   

Contact information
    Phone:  Pastor Dan Gore 813.477.6109
                  Or Beth Gore 813.967.0880
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Helping people discover and fulfill their DESTINY in Christ Jesus
    News:  (updated 5/12)

  • Beth and Manny release a new
    children's book about Muscular
    Dystrophy.  We are hoping for
    many opportunities to speak
    about and advocate for children
    with special needs.

  • Beth and Zoe release a new
    children's book about Cleft Lip
    and Palate and are asked to do
    a speaking circuit. We are
    hoping for many opportunities to
    share several key messages
    about adoption, special needs
    and the love of the Father.  

  • Pastors Dan and Beth were  
    asked to share the story of their
    youngest son.  Manny's
    Testimony is on a new show
    called Million Prayers.  Check it
    out! (Recorded in 2010 before
    the official diagnosis was made.)

  • Pastor Dan and Beth have
    decided to "Take it on the Road"
    and do more speaking
    engagements.   If you're
    interested in hiring either or both
    of us for a speaking
    engagement, click here.

  • Pastor Dan has started a blog,
    to read these messages, go to

Want to hire Beth to speak?